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Rly Freakin Bored, HBU?

I don't know about y'all, but quarantine is starting to get VERY boring. I have done a million face masks, my laundry is always clean, I am always up-to-date on Instagram........

I have decided to search the internet (& my brain) for some clever and new ways to stay entertained and this is what I have come up with.

  • Sunrise/Sunset Walk. I am an absolute sucker for sunrises and sunsets. Something about them make me feel all warm & happy inside. I'm usually too lazy to get out of bed and go watch them but get your booty out of bed with me and drive/walk to the closest lookout point/beach/lake front and soak it all in, because it is absolutely worth it.

  • Planting. I don't have the luxury of a yard or deck for potting plants, but this is such a fantastic way to grow your own herbs or veggies. My mom makes the yummiest homemade pasta sauce from scratch and she has decided to grow all her ingredients in her backyard - such a cool idea and makes it even more authentic. Here are some links for places that deliver straight to your door: GrowJoy, Thompson & Morgan, Tractor Supply Co. Check your local gardening and plant stores as well to support local businesses!

  • Cooking/Baking. Okay so I know this is pretty obvious BUT what better time to try something new, more difficult or if you're not a great chef - break out the apron! Before this, I was making the same ole' meals every night for dinner. Now on lockdown, my boyfriend and I have tried more challenging recipes and new cuisines we normally wouldn't eat (tried Indian for the 1st time - HIGHLY recommend). A girl I used to work with at lululemon makes the most unbelievable and easy to follow recipes, so go check out her page: Gathered Nutrition.

  • Date Night/Roommate Party/Family Feast. One of my favorite pre-quarantine activities is to dress up and go out for dinner or drinks with my boyfriend. We make dinner together every night but we decided to host a double date night with our other roommate and his girlfriend. We are going to dress up, have appetizers, drink great wine, light some candles and make a fancy meal. It is something to look forward to and you can plan this with anyone you are currently living with!

  • Plan a Trip. The first thing I want to do after this is over is travel somewhere amazing. I know this might not be possible for everyone since many of us are struggling financially right now. But to me, this gives me a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if this trip doesn't happen for a year or so - it is something to look forward to and to save up for. You can plan everything out: accommodation, restaurants you want to try, tourist activities, towns or cities you want to stop in, etc. I absolutely LOVE planning a vacation, so if this brings you joy - try it out!

  • Start a Virtual Book Club. This is a great way to chat with the girls over the book (plus with a glass of wine or two) and catch up on everyone's quarantine lives. Start by checking out Reese Witherspoon's picks, buy a nice bottle of wine and see what friends want in! A virtual book club/happy hour - what could be better?


Here is a less detailed list for some ideas to get shit done, pamper yourself, organize or other random things I have done/want to do!

  • Pinterest. Pin recipes, home inspo, wedding planning. Check mine out: Allyespo.

  • Organize Camera Roll. Delete and organize the million photos you have let accumulate on your phone.

  • Self Care. Face masks, purple conditioner toner, overnight hair masks, at-home pedicures, teeth whitening trays, self-tanner, etc. might as well feel beautiful while sitting at home <3

  • Deep Clean. I love a fresh, clean bathroom.

  • Clothing Sale. If you live in the U.S. use Poshmark or other platforms to make a little extra cash. I have made a few thousand dollars through Poshmark, it's my jam.

  • Puzzles/Games. Monopoly, Dominos, Uno, 1000 piece puzzles, anything to fill those late afternoons/nights.

  • Learn. A great time to learn something new. There are a lot of websites offering free or discounted classes. I am going to pick back up learning Italian through my Rosetta Stone course.

  • Workout. I have been running 2-3 times a week + online pilates, barre and yoga classes. I am not a huge fan of running but it is a way to escape and get outdoors for an hour or so a day. My favorite online classes are Melissa Wood Health and a local studio in Manly called Sculpt. Check them out!

  • Read. I always love reading but rarely find time for it. There is nothing better than starting a new book and not being able to put it down.

  • Wine/Cheese Tasting. Does anything sound better?

  • Movie/TV Marathon. Avengers, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy.

  • Fruit Infused Vodka/Tequila. Infuse your own liquor by grabbing a jar, placing the fruit inside and pour liquor in for up to a week! We did Pineapple infused tequila and it is unreal!


Would LOVE to know what y'all have been up to and what other creative ways there are to stay active and busy! Comment below <3


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Christine Thrower Skinner
30 de abr. de 2020

I love these suggestions, especially for people who have nothing but time on their hands. Fortunately/unfortunately, I'm working full time and trying to renovate our new house so I don't have time to do these fun things. I would LOVE a bookclub!!

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